Mini-Z is a brand name for a popular line of 1:27-scale electric radio-controlled cars manufactured by Kyosho Corporation,
a Japanese manufacturer of various radio-controlled devices. Kyosho makes a huge number of bodies for the Mini-Z. The wheelbase
is nominally 94mm but can range from 86mm to 106mm. The bodies are all highly detailed, realistic looking, and fully painted
with a high gloss paint. The bodies are so realistic that many are collected as display models and the bodies come with a dummy
chassis and wheels for display purposes.

Popular bodies for racing are the 98mm wheelbase bodies of the McLaren and Ferrari Enzo. The Enzo allows for a very wide track
due to the extreme offset wheels and low center of gravity with quite a bit of steering bite due to the extreme nose on the car,
while the McLaren offers lightweight and very dynamic, nimble handling. 94mm chassis are also popular for racing due to a lower
polar moment of inertia and weight distribution. Classic bodies include Lancia Stratos, Lotus Europa, Porsche 934 and 935,
Lamborghini Countach, Shelby Cobra and many others.

Mini-Z comes with parts to adjust wheelbase and motor location to fit the body. Different bodies will handle differently due to
wheelbase and weight distribution. A rear engine car like the Porsche 934 can have a rear motor mount with the motor behind the axle,
so the Mini-Z can replicate somewhat the handling characteristics of the real car. The Mini-Z can be extensively modified with parts
both from Kyosho Corporation and from aftermarket suppliers (Hop-Ups). The cars and modification parts are typically available
in hobby stores and through online hobby retailers. With a moderately modified Mini-Z using off the shelf parts, 35mph/56km
is achievable. However, given the size of the cars, its scale speed would be equivalent to 950 mph. At that speed, it would be
impossible to negotiate corners. Most races are won with good cornering techniques & driving a good clean racing line rather
than with speed.

Chassis types:

MR-01   The original Mini-Z
AM   2.4GHz  
The MR-01 chassis completely redesigned with improved electronics, servo saver, lower battery layout, wider front end
Le Mans  
2.4 GHz ASF electronics, wider front & rear, longer wheelbase, improved motor mount design & dual plate suspension system
MR-02EX   Includes a KT18 TX & a Body if you purchase a readyset
MR-015   The MR-01 chassis with improved electronics, servo saver, and rear shock; width of chassis and battery layout are the same
MR-015/02 iSeries   Same chassis as 015/02, but without brake
MR-03   New chassis with dynamic strut front suspension and new ASF receiver. Changeable front width to fit all bodies
AM   2.4GHz   010D(Drift)  
Body/Chassis Set  
All-Wheel-Drive version with same width as MR-01/015
MA-015   New All-Wheel-Drive version using the newer MR-03 Electronics
Mini-Z LIT   Compact Class RC car, comparable to a 1/32 scale car
Formula 1  
AM   2.4GHz  
Formula One style open-wheel
Overland / Monster  
AM   2.4GHz  
SUV / Monster Truck style
Ready Set  
New 4WD Buggy
MC-01    E-Gyro stablized micro motorcycle